U. S. Strolling Liberty Half-Dollars

Strolling Liberty Half-Dollars – A short Historical past

The Going for walks Lady Liberty silver half-dollar was made by Adolph A. Weinman and had a mint life from 1916 until 1947. A complete of a few U. S. Mints ended up associated with the creation of Strolling Liberties: Denver; Philadelphia; and San Francisco. Some interesting mintage facts (in the event you are looking at buying/selling these gorgeous silver walking liberty

ten Maximum Minted Going for walks Liberty Half-Dollars*

1943 – fifty three,a hundred ninety,000; 1942 – 47,839,a hundred and twenty; 1945 – 31,502,000;

1944 – 28,206,000; 1941 – 24,207,412; 1943S – thirteen,450,000;

1942S – twelve,708,000; 1936 – 12,617, 901; 1917 – twelve,292,000;

1946 – 12,118,000.

* Circulated cash with medium to heavy have on are value their silver bullion content material only. Uncirculated cash or circulated coins in good to quite fantastic condition could be worthy of much more than for just their silver information. Verify having a trustworthy coin seller before you market.

ten Least expensive Minted Going for walks Liberty Half-Dollars**

1921D – 208,000; 1921 – 246,000; 1938D – 491,600; 1916S – 508,000;

1921S – 548,000; 1916 – 608,000; 1917D (obverse mint mark) – 765,four hundred;

1917S (obverse mint mark) – 952,000; 1919 – 962,000; 1929D – one,001,two hundred.

** Circulated coins in even truthful issue could fetch a high quality rate as a result of the minimal mintage (and as a consequence rarity) of those coins-especially the 1921, 1921D and 1916S. Examine that has a highly regarded coin vendor prior to you market these cash.

Strolling Liberty Half-Dollars – Additional info

The Walking Liberty half-dollar has the picture of Going for walks Woman Liberty around the obverse side plus a majestic eagle to the reverse. Some confined 1916 and 1917 coins have the mint mark on the obverse all many others possess the mint mark around the reverse near the the “Half”. Mint marks are “D” for Denver and “S” for your San Francisco Mints. If no mint mark seems, it was minted in Philadelphia.

Strolling Liberty half-dollars include 90% silver and 10% copper. Uncirculated Strolling Liberties comprise .3617 Troy ounces of pure silver (eleven.2501 grams) that has a gross body weight of .401 Troy ounces (twelve.fifty grams). Circulated Strolling Liberties include .3575 Troy ounces of pure silver (11.1195 grams) – less than uncirculated coins as a result of the “wear factor” in managing these coins. Circulated silver coins are sometimes known as “junk silver” but there is nothing “junk” about them.

If you would like economical Walking Liberty half-dollars and however get respectable cash, search for that circulated grades of Very Great (EF or XF) or About Uncirculated (AU). For “better” cash, shop for uncirculated cash commencing with Mint Point out 60 (MS60). For those who come to a decision to take a position in MS63 and better grades, you can want them graded and “slabbed” by either NGC or PCGS.

Will not buy within the 1st vendor you find that sells Walking Liberties. Check around. Prices can differ extensively and you’ll need to review price ranges from several dealers to get the maximum amount of money of silver to your cash.

To ascertain the silver (soften) worth of a circulated Going for walks Liberty, multiply .3575 occasions the existing place price tag of silver.

Illustration: .3575 x $11.00 = $3.93

Disclaimer: I have made every reasonable effort and hard work to generate an informative and practical report on Strolling Liberty Half-Dollars dependant on my investigate and encounters. Even so, I make no representation or warranties of any kind regarding its completeness, precision or suitability for almost any certain predicament or intent. See Stipulations for more info.

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